That’s right, I’m about to share with you the top 5 reasons I hear that it’s not the right time for you to book a boudoir session.  I’m also going to share with you why those reasons are RUBBISH <<Insert British accent because I’m currently obsessing over The Great British Baking Show>>.

1. You need to lose weight first. 

If I could only shake you through the computer right now!  You do NOT need to be a certain size to be beautiful and sexy.  I booked my first boudoir session at my highest weight and size, and do you want to know what I thought about those images?  I LOVED them.  My clients are moms, sisters, friends, nurses, teachers, and survivors, they’re a size 2, and a size 22.  Every single one of them is beautiful.  Every single one of them is worthy of being photographed. YOU are worthy of being photographed.

2. You don’t have anyone to give the images to.

Girl, Treat yo’ self!  So many of my clients originally come in with the excuse that this is a gift for a significant other.  Can I tell you a secret?  They leave realizing that it was really a present for themselves. Every. Single. Time. This isn’t about sexy photos for me.  While you certainly leave this experience with products filled with your own sexiness, the reason that I create these images is to push you to do something you didn’t think you could do, seeing that you could, and challenging yourself to keep believing in yourself, over and over and over again.


3. You don’t know how to be sexy (especially in front of an almost stranger!).

AWESOME!  Please don’t be sexy with me.  I don’t want you to be, we’re all good there!  Turns out, there is absolutely nothing sexy in this process!  I’ll never tell you to think about or do anything that makes you feel sexy.  (You’ll be laughing at how much the poses feel quite the opposite!) . However, when you see how they translate into the camera, you’ll be blown away at how sexy you feel when you see yourself through my lens.


4. You don’t have the confidence to do this.

That’s EXACTLY why you need this, babe.  First, nobody comes into their session feeling like they’re going to kick ass and take names.  Everyone feels like they’re going to be awkward, that they won’t photograph well, and that these images are going to come out looking like some sort of Picasso painting and Quasimodo had a baby.  I promise you, I have your back.  You absolutely deserve to know what confidence feels like, even if you don’t believe you can right now. I spent at least an hour in tears the day before the first time I had a boudoir session for myself, wishing I had never had the audacity to think I could be photographed in that way.  (In case you haven’t noticed, my tune has changed since that day, JUST a little bit!)


5. It’s too expensive.

You’re right – this isn’t just a pack of mints that you pick up while you’re checking out at the grocery store.  A boudoir experience is an investment that will change how you see, speak to, and treat yourself for a long time, possibly even your lifetime.  What if every time someone complimented you, you believed them?  What if you were able to say “I am beautiful” and BELIEVE it?  I’ll tell you one thing – no client ever leaves my studio regretting their decision.  To make the investment a little more manageable, we do have pre-session payment plans, so you can get on our calendar, and make payments towards your products so not everything hits you all at once!  The added bonus is that when the time comes for your reveal, you get to just sit and bask in your own shining glory.


No problems there!  Any image you see online has the permission of the client.  We go through your gallery image by image and you tell me if that image is for your eyes only, or okay to share!  Want to share them all? Awesome!  You’d rather only share anonymous images that don’t show your face? Awesome! Want to keep them all to yourself? Also awesome!  While I love sharing images of my amazing clients, this is a completely personal experience, and my clients’ privacy is SUPER important to me.  Even when clients allow me to share their images, I NEVER tag them on any social media (unless they ask me to!).


Literally the only reason you shouldn’t book with us is because you don’t want to see yourself in a whole new light.  You don’t want a huge boost of confidence, and you don’t want to feel absolutely amazing about yourself.  If you don’t want to feel empowered, gorgeous, and ready to grab the world by the you know what, then you shouldn’t book a boudoir experience with us.


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