Don’t take my word for it… listen to these babes!(Scroll left and right for more testimonials!)


I was so scared of taking my clothes off in front of a camera in front of a stranger. I don't look like the models in magazines. I don't look how society says I should look. I thought I had to be this sexy person in front of the camera. That is not the case. Caroline made me laugh, smile, and feel so comfortable. We laughed. I felt comfortable in front of a camera for the first time. I felt confident. This has changed my life... for the better. I'm still the same person, but I no longer put myself down about my image. I hold my head higher. I smile more, I laugh often. I want to share my story with the world. I am beautiful! I am sexy. I am confident.
Miss K

“I feel the most beautiful I have ever felt.”

Having this opportunity with you was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I highly recommend every woman to do this at least once a year. I have never had a more beautiful photo of myself in my entire life. I want this memory to be something my great grandchildren see and have in a frame on their shelf or wall. I cannot begin to express my deepest gratitude to you. I'm tearing up as I write this, because I feel the most beautiful I have ever felt in your photos.  You have an energy that brings women's inner self alive through your images.

“The most uplifting portrait that I’ve ever had.”

Thank you to for the most entertaining and uplifting portrait that I've ever had. These are my favorite photos of me that I've ever had photographed. THANK YOU.


From meeting and talking to Caroline before my session, I knew I was in great hands. I was already comfortable with her and knew she'd make the session easy. I originally thought she was showing me the wrong images at first because I did not even recognize myself! I never knew I could look like that; it made me speechless. I felt... LIKE AN ABSOLUTE ROCKSTAR.   I'm definitely not as hard on myself as I used to be. I know how awesome I can look naked 🙂 I show everyone my images, and everyone is amazed! I've never felt so good.  
Miss G

“It changed my life.”

It was the most fun, best day I have had in a long time, and I have you to thank for it. It was an experience of documented love (your accolades, the special makeup and wardrobe, all of it) and self-love.  I truly felt so excited, and I honestly felt like I almost couldn't handle that it was happening! I loved it. I am now a changed woman. These images have taught me A LOT. They've taught me about myself and the fact that I CAN DO ANYTHING, and now I have proof I can look at every day! Your empowerment has stuck. I feel so engageable; I have been having real conversations with EVERYBODY! You are amazing, and have changed my life. Suffice to say, thank you.

“I see myself in a new light.”

Thank you again for this. It was such a blast and I loved hanging out with you!!  It's so hard to look at these celebrities, and want the same hair, the same lips, the same figure... It was nice to be able to embrace my own qualities and see myself in a new light!