We’re kicking off 2019 with our Client Spotlight series! It’s always so much better to hear directly from my clients about their experience with our studio, and how it changes them.

I am a 33 year old lab tech in an autism research lab at MIT. I loved Caroline’s gorgeous pictures first. Definitely loved the quality of the images. They were incredibly sexy and sensual without ever feeling trashy or exploitative. I was also planning on having kids and I thought it would be nice to do something for myself before that. Turned out that I was just a little late since I was about 16 weeks pregnant at my shoot!

After I joined her Facebook VIP group, I loved the positivity and support from everyone. It felt really good to be part of a group that was just really warm and caring, since it’s so easy to find negativity online.

I probably had the same nerves that a lot of people have before my session – aka taking a lot of my clothes off in front of a “stranger” with a camera!
Turns out, there is nothing sexual about the shoot at all! And it’s HARD! I didn’t believe her when she said I’d have sore muscles, but I really did. Those poses are beautiful but tough to hold.

My favorite part of the experience was the shoot itself. I felt great, it was really fulfilling to have someone really make me feel like I was so special (and knowing that she wasn’t just saying that because I was paying her). I was so amazed to see the images. I’m very self conscious about photos of myself, I’ve always felt like it’s really easy to catch bad angles. Everything was so beautiful, I felt like it was impossible to really narrow it down.

I think I’ve been pretty lucky to have a generally good body image, so that wasn’t a concern for me. In general, It was just really nice to see myself in a way that other people might see me too. My husband and everyone has loved the images. Besides the fact that I think I look pretty great, they’re all very impressed by the quality of the pictures.

I realize that I’m very lucky to have a body type that mass media “approves” of, and I think I probably started with a different mind set than some people will. That being said, this is definitely still something that was intimidating at first, but Caroline is so so great at making you feel comfortable, and really empowered and strong. If you’re thinking about doing it, but are worried that you’ll feel bad about yourself afterward, DON’T. I honestly don’t think that’s even possible. Just take the plunge, push yourself past that first bit of fear and just enjoy it!