So you’ve decided that you’re definitely booking a session.  How do you prepare? The time between actually booking your experience with us and the date of your session is like the slow climb to the top of the roller coaster you’ve been dying to ride.  It’s exciting and terrifying, and you’re sometimes find yourself saying “what was I thinking!?!?!”

I’m here to make that climb a little less stressful, by helping you through every step of the way.  It’s a wild ride, but I promise you’re going to love it!


This is probably everyone’s biggest burning question, and we have an amazing wardrobe guide for our clients loaded with ideas, places to shop, and overall styling.  We chat with you on your general style, and help you plan out each look in your session.  Our biggest tip is to make sure that whatever you choose, you feel AMAZING in it.


Hair coloring/haircuts should happen 1 week prior to your session, if you color your hair – we can’t hide any root growth if that’s not the look you’re going for. (This also isn’t the time to try a brand new look if you don’t have time to change it before your session!). Make sure to work with your stylist on what they think is best for your hair to settle in before your session.


Watch out for the sun – if you don’t want tan lines to show, then we recommend avoiding the sun for a few weeks prior to your session to let them even out. (Or spend all your time in the sun in your birthday suit and covered in sunscreen!). Avoid artificial tanning in general (tanning beds and spray tans!) – we promise you won’t look like a vampire.  Keep yourself protected from UV rays, and keep our studio furniture protected from spray tan stains (for real though, don’t spray tan for your session, you don’t need it).


Okay, we’re done rhyming – we got carried away.  Especially in the few weeks leading up to your session, you’re going to want to stay SUPER hydrated. Your skin will glow during your session with all that extra hydration!  The morning of your session you’re also going to want to moisturize (avoid the shimmer lotion, though!).


Boudoir sessions can be like yoga on steroids.  Many of these poses aren’t something you would hold on a regular basis, so we always encourage all of our clients to do at least 15 minutes of stretching the morning of their session (especially your lower back and legs!). We do make you work for it, but not to worry – any of our poses can be modified for all shapes, ages, and abilities. But seriously, you’ll thank me for telling you to stretch.


Don’t limit yourself to just lingerie.  Dig through your closet and bring your favorite tank or t-shirt.  You’d be surprised as to how amazing a cropped, ribbed tank (read: cheap mens undershirt that Caroline cut’s in half) looks in your photographs.  We can, and have, photographed an entire session with just a client and a sheet, and it was straight up fire.

Not a thigh highs and garter belt kind of person? Easy! Skip them.  Love lounging in underwear and a cozy sweater? Sounds great to me!  We style each session with our clients to make sure that it reflects the best version of YOU. Not who some underwear company is trying to say you should be.


  • Bring wardrobe that you feel great in.
  • Try on everything to make sure it fits.
  • Look for a bodysuit you love!
  • Stay true to yourself – your images should still feel like YOU.
  • Be ready to step outside your comfort zone (it’s like the Grinch’s heart – it will grow three sizes when you do!)
  • Chat with me about what you’re thinking for your session so I can help you!
  • Get a manicure and pedicure!  We recommend neutral or dark colors.  Bright colors can clash with your wardrobe and the studio, and will distract from all the fire you have going on!
  • Make sure you have any hair that you don’t want in your images removed before your session!  If you shave, the morning of is best.  Any waxing services should happen 3-4 days before your session!


  • Wear distracting wardrobe (oversized men’s shirts, neon colors, sports jerseys, etc.)
  • Bring props (sports gear, weapons, costume jewelry that you wouldn’t normally wear)
  • Forget a nude and a black thong so you can play in our studio client closet!
  • Be afraid to think outside of lingerie! Tank tops, sweaters, and your birthday suit are all awesome looks.
  • Worry about calling me any time if you need anything!