I’m thrilled to be kicking the blog back to life with some client interviews!  I can tell you how awesome boudoir is until I’m blue in the face, so I thought it would be even better to hear from some of my maidens who have gone through the process.

From Miss J:
I’m an optician by day and baker by night.  I’ve always wanted to do a boudoir session but I was too scared… I couldn’t look in the mirror without thinking about what I wanted to change about myself, I was afraid I would feel that way about my images and not be able to look like the women in the boudoir pictures I am so inspired by. 

From the moment I met Caroline I felt at ease. I never once felt uncomfortable, or like I had to feel, or look a certain way. Caroline made sure to explain how the day would play out ahead of time, so there were truly no surprises. During the shoot, she walked me through every moment, and I remember thinking in my head at the beginning of the session “There’s no way I look sexy AT ALL right now.” She  saw my nerves and gave me a quick peek at the back of her camera… I was blown away, and I said to her “THIS is what my husband sees?!”

I didn’t I second guess anything from that moment on.

I’ve always been self conscious of my smaller chest and I never thought I could feel comfortable let alone sexy topless. My nude and topless photos are my favorites… that still blows my mind!

My favorite part was the reveal! I couldn’t believe my eyes, I wasn’t looking at my hips or, my thighs, or my insecurities. I was looking and myself in a way I could never have imagined, I felt fierce, I felt beautiful and seriously sexy.  I was surprised that I wanted to share my pictures with everyone, like immediately.

And Miss J’s last words of advice: I know it’s scary, I was so scared.  If I can any way shape or form inspire another woman to take a chance and just go for it, that would make my heart so happy!

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