Being able to finally share images from clients who booked their session literally a year in advance has been so wonderful!  Extending the planning process in 2020 has helped so many of our clients do dig deeper, and really think about what their sessions mean to them, and it’s been an incredible thing to see.  Here’s more from Miss P.

Overall, I’ve never been a fan on my body. My sister was the pretty one growing up. She was also the trendy one, the popular one, the talented one… I couldn’t compete with that and didn’t try to. I was the smart one, the weird one, the fun one. As an adult, the massage industry taught me to view the body with clinical detachment. I didn’t think I would change my view of myself. Or worse, it would confirm all the negatives I see in the mirror.

I’m a 36 year old massage therapist & own/manage a multipractitioner establishment. I had a terrible break up (expected a proposal and got dumped via email the day after my birthday), and I needed something drastic to snap me out of my depression. My sister had me write out a bucket list and held me accountable for actively accomplishing things. Boudoir shoot was on the list.

It was a someday plan. I didn’t have any plans on checking that box anytime soon. Then my friend showed me her photosfrom her shoot with Caroline. The photos were amazing. Her use of lighting is absolutely fantastic. I knew I wanted her to do my shoot. I had so much anxiety about everything else going on, I didn’t have any anxiety about the shoot. I wanted to get it over with – which I know sounds terrible. It was the only thing I had scheduled that I was actually looking forward to.

The session was surreal. Kind of a mellow adrenaline rush, if that makes any sense. Caroline had nothing but positive things to say throughou the session about me. That was a new feeling (especially being the mom of teenagers). The session was more fun than expected. Some of the photos came from essentially blooper moments. Caroline would give a direction and my brain would forget how to do what she was asking. The play of emotions, usually amusement, resulted in some amazing images.

Seeing my images was again, surreal. The woman in the photos looked like me and didn’t look like me at the same time. The woman in the photos was pretty, confident, sexy. I had never felt like any of those were anything but false bravado. It really forced me to look at myself differently.  I didn’t know I was pretty before. I certainly never thought I would have a picture of myself for wall art, 16×24 no less!

Everyone needs to do this at least once. You will want to show these off to everyone. You will want to look at them every day. I’m already budgeting for another shoot, possibly more. I love the idea of doing a shoot every 5 years. To see the same poses, years apart, would be honoring the aging process, instead of fighting it!