You know that we love to feature our clients and hear from them. I talk enough around here, so these are always my favorite posts, where I can sit back and allow my clients to share their stories.

From Miss S:

I wanted to give my fiancé the best wedding gift ever. He is always telling me how much he loves my body and how attracted to me he is so I thought a boudoir shoot would be the perfect thing. I was excited and nervous at the same time. Honestly, my only real fear was not feeling comfortable or confident.

I chose Caroline because her website was captivating and I read some outstanding reviews online. The session made me feel beautiful and empowered – it was seamless, emotional, fun, and not once did I uncomfortable. I suppose I wasn’t expecting it to be as amazing as it was. The session made me feel beautiful and empowered.

When I saw my images I was shocked. There were no pictures of myself that I hated for once. I was thinking… like…”Is that really me?!?” The whole purpose on doing the shoot was a gift for my fiancé. As it started developing, I realized this shoot was meant for me to realize how he perceives me. It allowed me to see myself in the way he sees me. For once, it was right here in front of me- black and white. There was no picking myself apart or doubting my appearance, because I simply couldn’t! Caroline gave me that gift and it’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever received.

I used to compare myself to others quite often and that has diminished significantly. I’m more comfortable in my own skin and I feel more proud of my appearance. I really learned that there is no growth in your comfort zone. Take the leap; You’d be amazed what you’ll find. I’ve been recommending Caroline to pretty much everyone I know!

Thank you, Caroline! Your work truly makes a difference in such a remarkable way 🙂

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