One of my favorite parts about any session is hearing how it changed a clients thinking or perception of themselves.  Miss R had such a narrow definition of what she was and what a woman was “supposed” to be, and it was so inspiring to see her bust out of that shell that someone gave to her, and define her own.  In Miss R’s words:

 I’m not totally sure what made me decide that I needed this boudoir experience, but I’m so glad I did. All I know is when I first saw Caroline’s photographs, I knew I had to book her. I was so afraid of opening myself up, and nervous about an experience I’ve never gone through before.

When I got to my session those thoughts went away immediately. Caroline works wonders, she’s an amazing photographer, her photos are no joke. I’ve never seen boudoir like hers before. I was nervous, but oh so excited. I was doing something for myself, like I was fearless, and.. HOT!

The session was perfect. I didn’t know what to expect but I thought I would have a hard time posing and being photographed. Caroline cheers you on the whole time and is like a friend, and the sneak peeks on her camera are the best. I was so surprised at how easy it all was, the whole process felt so natural. I really enjoyed beginning to end, it was fun, truly so fun!

When I saw my images for the first time… Like.. hot dang that’s me???? It really is so surreal! Especially being somebody that doesn’t wear makeup, or dress up, it was so fun to exercise this part of me that’s always covered up. I now know this side of myself is in me and I can freaking rock it. I have more appreciation for myself AND for doing things for ME!

I’m done believing the things I was taught as a child in my conservative upbringing. I CAN be sexual, and it’s not bad! Talking to Caroline helped me view myself differently, and the support from her crew did also. You don’t realize what you look like to others, and seeing other ladies photos makes me realize “hey, I look like that to others too!”.

If I, who has social anxiety and has been taught to suppress this side of me can do it- so can you. You won’t regret it. This will help you to gain confidence.  Because you won’t regret it, at all.