For a really long time, I tried to run my entire business on my own.  This past year, I really decided that to better connect with my clients, reach more women, and offer overall a more authentic and full experience for everyone, that I couldn’t do it alone.  To lift women up and battle society’s messages to them every day really does take a village.  So at the end of 2019, we grew our team to include an amazing group of women as our first official brand ambassador team.  Lindsay, Bobbi, Amanda, Cyn, Marcia, and Jody are all so unique and incredible, positive and strong, and I knew they were perfect for our brand.  In November, we all got together for an ambassador day, and we photographed them all together and individually.  I’m so thrilled to finally share these images with you!  Let me tell you, even for the babes who have been photographed in the studio before, having 6 other women there cheering you on adds a whole new dynamic of nerves, excitement, and empowerment.  These women come from all walks of life, and they came together in a such a sisterly way, it was incredible to watch.

When we say girls compete, and women empower, we mean it.   Is this year your year to join the boudoir ranks?