One of my favorite parts of any of our clients boudoir experience is seeing everything come together in print. It’s when everything really sinks in, and you realize this was real, that you did this, and you. are. ART.

We have so many different ways to display your images.  Seeing yourself in a tangible piece of artwork is something that just can’t be matched in a digital way. So many of our clients travel pretty far for their sessions, and say they wish they could see our products in person before their session.  So without further ado, hare are some of our favorite pieces in our product lineup!


Our most popular product, by far, is our luxury signature album line.  With your choice of leather, suede, or velvet, and the option of adding a sleek acrylic image cover, these custom designed albums display your images in unmatched style. Every client leaves with one of these beauties, and I spend my afternoons sweeping jaws up off my floor.

With three classic sizes, we tailor each album to each client’s session and images.



Next up is our incredible aluminum wall art.  These modern, elegant prints are one of the best ways to display your absolute favorite images from your session. Our wall art is hand printed on quality aluminum, mounted, and ready to hang on your wall. Perfect for your master bedroom, bathroom, or walk in closet (or even hanging behind your clothes for your or their eyes only), this is the ultimate way to unapologetically acknowledge that you are a badass and deserve to be displayed, in museum-like quality.



For a more discreet way to admire your boudoir experience, clients can add on a Little Black Box to their products.  Sleek and mysterious, these boxes hold 4×6 mounted prints of your images.



Many of our clients choose to add on our bonus products to their albums and wall art.  Our pocket sized centerfold books and our retro image viewfinders are some of our most popular products.

With seven images in a retro-inspired photo reel, this is the perfect teaser to any gift.

Our pocket centerfold books have a magnetic close, and display up to 5 of your favorite images from your session. Each centerfold book comes with a matching partner, so you can keep one for yourself, then gift one to whoever you see fit!

No matter how you choose to display your photographs from your boudoir experience, we will work with you to tailor your choices to fit your experience with us and your home.