The Experience

I’m so glad to see you want to learn more about your own experience with us!  Especially when you’re in your skivvies, I know how terrifying the unknown can be. That’s exactly why I created this video: to bring you inside our studio, see what it’s like for yourself, and follow one of my amazing beauties through her boudoir experience.  The insecurities and feelings our clients have before their sessions are REAL. I’m here to make the process just a little less scary!  Come on in, and take a peek inside the studio by clicking the play button below!


For all of our studio sessions, the process is the same:

Styling Consultation
  • Styling Consultation

  • We'll chat either in person or via Skype to chat about the experience, how you want to be photographed, styling, wardrobe choices, and how to make the most of your session. This is where we make all our plans of how amazing your shoot will be!

Your Shoot
  • Your Shoot

  • Enter our shooting space, relax, and listen to your favorite music while you're pampered with professional hair styling and makeup application. We'll make your final wardrobe selections, and spend up to two hours creating stunning images of you like you've never seen before. Bring a friend to share the experience if you like, it's a perfect excuse for a girl's day out!

Your Reveal
  • Your Reveal

  • About a week or two after your session, join me for a reveal of the images we created during your session. See a slideshow of your images and make your selections. This is always our favorite part of the process, where you see yourself and your beauty in person!


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