In an instant—everything changed.

I was sitting in our old space in Peabody, when something told me to “just see what’s out there”. And I saw this space. All within a span of 12 hours, I found the Carriage Mills in Amesbury, paid a deposit, and the rest is history.

I walked into our new studio and immediately felt home.  Nestled quietly in the back of the Carriage Mills in Amesbury, MA, overlooking the Powwow river, I found our forever home of Caroline Talbot Studios. With 2,000 square feet beautifully wrapped in soft beautiful light, hearing the quiet rush of the river, I could not have felt more serene.   I’ve cried and pinched myself more times than I can count that we finally have the space of our dreams.  A space where people feel safe to be themselves, a space where they feel unjudged, a space where they can learn to feel beautiful.  A space where EVERYONE can feel at home.

We cannot wait for everyone who walks in these doors to feel like this is where they belong. The future is so so bright for the studio, and we hope you come along for the ride with us.

What are you waiting for?


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