I grew up, like many women, always thinking I’d be enough when <<insert any event or adjective here>>.  When I went to college, when I got my own place, when I lost weight, when I was more social, when I got married, when I changed careers and started my own business.  I’d hit each of those goals, but the way I looked at myself didn’t change.  Before starting this business, I made an active (and sometimes difficult) choice to look at myself differently, and it started with being photographed.

Image by Miranda Parker.


As women, at some point, we learn that we’re not good enough now, and and it’s not okay to celebrate ourselves.  We learn that acknowledging our own beauty is self centered and that putting yourself down somehow makes you a better person.  It’s simply untrue.  It’s not only okay to celebrate who you are in this moment, it’s what every person should do for themselves (and the women around them) every day. Society tells us that we’re broken, ugly, and not enough.  Someday, society is going to tell my daughter that she is isn’t enough. I can only hope that through my work, I can inspire enough women to flip the script. (If you’d like to watch me talk more about this, and cry my way through the whole process, check out our Instagram Story HERE.)

 I see beauty in every woman I meet.  You are beautiful, right at this very moment.  You are beautiful NOW.  You deserve to believe it. 

I started my photography career in weddings, helping my clients document and celebrate one of the happiest days of their lives.  As I got to know my clients, I realized that so many of them were up against this crazy wall of feeling like they need to fit into a perfect box to be beautiful.  The more I saw it in my clients, the more I was driven to help them see what I saw in them.  It was there that Caroline Talbot Studios was born.   

It was born to show my clients that literally every woman, and every body is beautiful.  There is no ugly.  YOU are not ugly, or awkward, or even just average. I’d love to have the honor of showing you.